The founding members of the band decided from the outset that authenticity was the only way to treat one of the finest ever rock bands with respect. After all, that’s what ‘paying tribute’ should mean, shouldn’t it?

This meant authentic instruments, authentic looking stage clothing and, for those who didn’t quite have enough hair…acquiring some, by whatever means necessary! This slavish attention to detail ensured plaudits and praise ¬†from audiences throughout the UK and culminated in meeting a couple of our heroes in person, namely Ian Gillan and Roger Glover, in 2003. They were genuinely flattered and pleased at the level of authenticity and dedication to our tribute to them, although we thought it best not to mention that we also covered part of the Coverdale/Hughes era…!

There were many other highs (and lows) during its moderately brief tenure. Here then is a tribute to the tribute. Deepest Purple…none more deep!



As can be seen in the pictures meeting Deep Purple above, there is an extra member of Deepest Purple who far too often was as important for the success of the band and for ‘making it happen’. This person was there from the beginning and was regularly the unsung hero of Deepest Purple. If he’d not upped sticks for a new life down under in Oz he’d have still been there at the very last gig back in 2006 (unless of course he’d have persuaded us all to keep it going…!).

The chap on the far right of both band pictures (in the flyer shown above) is none other than Andy Galley; manager, promoter, contact, counsellor, arbitrator, diplomat, organiser and all round best mate of the band. Without him, we’d never have got to meet Ian Gillan, Roger Glover and Don Airey of Deep Purple in 2003. You can just about spot his ugly mug behind the drum kit to the left of the Marshalls in this picture below:

How many stacks

All of the musicians who’ve performed in Deepest Purple owe a huge debt of gratitude to this man for the effort and commitment in helping set up and run the band and making it the success it became.

Cheers Andy from Neil, Tim, Ian, Steve, Stuart, Kevin and Colin. We’ll open another tinny in your honour and throw another shrimp on the barbie!

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